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Phone: 407.387.3001
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Maintenance and Updates

Many people think once their website is created the process is over and they won't need to talk to their Web Design Company again until it's time for a redesign. This could not be further from the truth. Once we have finished the design stage of a Website we move on to the maintenance and updates stage. Websites should be constantly looked at by a web design professional to make sure everything is working properly and most importantly new fresh content is being added.

Monitoring from Orlando

While we are located in Orlando Florida when it comes to updates and maintenance we can help you no matter where you are located. The beautiful thing about the internet is we are not confined to only working with clients in the Orlando area. We love meeting new people and are always looking to form partnerships with people in new markets.

WebSite Updates

When you need to make a change to your site our service is second to none. Updates include but are not limited to updating your site for a "sale" on your product, special events, updated news, updating links, adding pages, new pictures, etc. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time for simple text updates and 48 hour turn around for more complicated ones. We give you a direct web address for you to send all your updates to and we make sure to check the box throughout the day. If have something urgent that needs to be brought to our attention you can call us at 407-387-3001 anytime from 9 am - 6 pm and you will have direct contact to one of our designers. We take pride in our commitment to our clients and will make sure you are treated with the utmost respect and understanding.

Fresh Content

Keeping your content fresh and up to date benefits your site on a multitude of levels. New content is a necessity to any site looking to create a solid base of repeat visitors. The only way to get people to come back to your site again and again is by giving them something new to experience when they return. You know your target audience better than us but we suggest updating the content of your site on a monthly basis to keep users happy. If you want to update more often you will only benefit more with growing traffic.

The second benefit that comes from updating content is Search Engine related. Search Engines send "spiders" to index your site over and over again. The more often you update content the more often the spiders will return to digest that content. This is essential in the continual tug of war that is going on for rankings on Search Engines. We also suggest making smaller changes on a more regular basis rather than making huge site wide changes every once in a while.

If you are unhappy with your current site maintenance please contact us and we can help and save you money.

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Phone: (407) 387-3001 | Fax: (407) 387-3002
6300 Parc Corniche Drive
Orlando, FL 32821